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Clinching machine also called rivetless riveting machine. Featuring cost-reducing and efficiency-enhancing, all of Heron clinching machines are designed to save energy and promote environmental sustainability while approved by CCC, CE, ISO9001, CQC.

Advantages of BTM Clinching (Compared with Traditional Techniques):

1. Energy-saving and eco-friendly

Up to 80% energy-saving compared with traditional equipment, no need for polishing, plating and painting after clinch joining.

2. Cost-saving

With clinching technique, production cycle and waste can be reduced, which is cost-effective.

3. One-step process

No need for rivets, screws or buttons, sheet metal joining can be finished within one step.

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Clinching Machine/Rivetless Riveting Machine
We have invested in the highest quality and standards. Our clinching machines are current with trends and are of the newest technologies available.
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Why Choose Heron
Established in Guangzhou in 1991, with more than 300 employees and a factory floor area of 54,000 square meters, we have developed our own core technologies, such as MFDC, CDW, FSPR, etc.
We have strong manufacturing capabilities in the core components of the machines, such as controllers and transformers.
Our products have 100+ patents and quality system certifications like ISO9001, CCC, CE, CQC.
With 300+ highly skilled professionals including a dedicated R&D team, we are well-equipped advanced production centers like turn-milling machining center and horizontal machining center, extensive warehouse management capabilities and an impressive detection accuracy up to 0.009mm.
东风汽车乘用车新C型悬挂焊机DN3-65-C14011副本 (2)
We have more than 6000+ cooperative customers all over the world, like Haier, Midea, BYD, JMC, Panasonic, GREE, HITACHI etc.
Capacitor discharge resistance welding machine 500
We deliver cost-effective and efficient welding and riveting equipment that save energy and promote environmental sustainability with a 1-year warranty.
Capacitor Discharge Resistance Seam Welding Machin
Heron has developed numerous resistance welding solutions that have been utilized by manufacturers all over the world. Our welders are used by companies which manufacture automotive, compressors, low voltage electronics, home appliance etc.
10KJ-120KJ Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welding
Competitive price, factory directly price.
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Professional employees
We have a professional team with more than 300 employees now
Cooperative customers
We have more than 6000+ cooperative customers all over the world

Square Meters of Factory

Established in Guangzhou in 1991, with a factory floor area of 54000+ m²
Patent certificates
HERON has obtained 100+ patent certificates
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