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Metal connection solution provider, your ultimate source for innovative joining technologies
Heron is a leading provider of innovative, sustainable, and cost efficient welding, clinching and riveting equipment. Our connection solutions are designed to handle hard-to-weld metals, such as hot-stamping steel, high-strength steel, and aluminum alloy, so as to turn your ideas into reality. 
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Discover our products

With over 30 years of experience, Heron excels in the R&D and manufacturing of high-quality products with

proprietary welding technology & other licensed technologies. Discover the products we offer.

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Metal connection solution provider, your total source in resistance welding and riveting!

Heron majors in welding for 32 years. We continue to explore and innovate to become a leader in the metal connection with high-end technology. Heron provides cost-reducing and efficiency-efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly welding and riveting equipments, provides connection solutions for hard-to-weld metals such as hot-stamping steel, high-strength steel, aluminum alloy, etc., and develops and manufactures real-time quality inspection system.
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Providing professional and reliable solutions for various industry needs
Over the past three decades, Heron has developed numerous resistance welding solutions that have been adopted by manufacturers all over the world. Our advanced welders have become essential tools for companies in various industries, including automotive, compressors, low voltage electronics, home appliances and many other consumer products. Let us know your specfiications for welding or other joining technologies.
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HERON provides a large number of medium frequency DC spot welding machines, resistance brazing machines, and specialized automation equipment for the motor manufacturing industry, widely used in the manufacturing of automotive starting motors, generators, drive motors, rectifier welding machines, brushes, and other motors.
HERON provides a full range of specialized welding equipment and production line integration for the manufacturing of air conditioning and refrigerator compressor shells, widely used in the welding of refrigerator compressors, air conditioning compressor shells, and air conditioning compressor storage tanks.
HERON provides a large number of medium frequency DC resistance welding machines and automation equipment for the low-voltage electrical switch industry, widely used in welding processes of frame circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, micro interrupters, multi-strand wire curing and other series of equipment.
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Limited time offer:

Heron MFDC 280KVA 

Interested in any of our products? Contact us for a special discount.
Design with HERON
Our engineers have experience designing for customers in various industries,
introducing systems and processes that accomplish customer goals in the transition to Industry 4.0.
We can design automatic and semi-automatic production lines to your specifications.
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About HERON 

Heron is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of metal connection equipment. Established in Guangzhou in 1991, we've developed core  technologies such as MFDC, capacitor discharge welding and flush self-pierce riveting. With over 30 years' experience, we've built a comprehensive portfolio of welding and riveting equipment and produced automated production lines for various sectors, including automotive, electrical, home appliance and hardware.
Skilled and Committed Professionals
 Customers Worldwide
Square Meters of Factory
Patent Certificates
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Heron is a metal connection equipment manufacturer
Heron is a metal connection equipment manufacturer, a high-tech enterprise based on welding technology and integrating R&D and manufacturing. Established in Guangzhou in 1991, with more than 400 employees and a factory floor area of 54,000 square meters, we have developed our own core technologies,such as MFDC, CDW, FSPR, etc. 
Heron now has more than 400 employees
Our factory covers an area of 54000 square meters
More than 6,000 customers have cooperated with us so far
The patent certification owned by Helen has reached 101 items
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Learn more about us

Heron believes it is our mission to create the best solution for our customer, from R&D to full scale manufacturing.
To gain a deeper understanding of our company,  please explore our latest news.
Heron Technologies USA announced its relocation to Park 100 Ste. 800 at 7750 Zionsville Rd, Indianapolis - the company's new base for manufacturing, training and R&D testing of advanced metal joining technologies.
2024 04 21
Heron Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd announced it is establishing a center dedicated to the research & development of advanced metal joining technologies in the heart of Indiana.
2024 02 20
Heron Intelligent Equipment, a leading resistance welding and automation machinery manufacturer, has established a new office in the United States to serve a fast-growing customer-based in green manufacturing in North America.
2024 01 12
Heron Intelligent Equipment,a leading provider of metal joining equipment, has acquired the business assets of flush self-pierce riveting specialist AKH with main facilities in Danville, Indiana.
2024 01 15
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If you are interested in a quotation or opportunities to collaborate, please use the following enquiry form.
Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in Heron.

HERON, make welding simple


Contact Person: Christina Liu
Tel: 86 20 87813325 / 86 20 87819588 / 86 20 87815075

Fax: 86 20 87813346

Email: info@heronwelder.com

Address: No.63 Xin Yi Road, Taiping Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou China

HERON, make joining simple
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