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The old process used by the customer required several operations to complete the welding, making the production efficiency low. At the same time, the appearance of the welded surface was poor, and the investment in welding machines and equipment was large, resulting in high production costs.


To solve this problem, we use a high-power welding machine, which makes multiple busbars welded at one time, with a flat welding surface and uniform solder flow. At the same time, it can realize direct welding without adding brazing material.

●  Tingkatkan efisiensi produksi, selesaikan pengelasan 7 alur baris betina besar sekaligus, 60S/potong tercepat
Menggunakan mesin las berdaya tinggi tanpa pengelasan mematri, dapat mewujudkan penghematan energi dan pengurangan emisi, meningkatkan efisiensi dan kualitas.

 Flexible Copper Wire and Base In Conductive busbar

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