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The old process used by the customer required two welds to achieve a solid weld, which resulted in low productivity and poor dimensional consistency of the welded product. At the same time, in the old process, the placement and flip of contacts need to be operated manually, which makes the labor cost high.


To solve this problem, we designed a fully automatic welding machine, which is able to realize the whole automation of contact and silver point conveying, merging and assembling into the tooling positioning, sorting and discharging, and visual inspection of the size after welding.

● Fully automated equipment, reduce the product production turnover process link, make the production efficiency increased to 13s / piece.
Good dimensional consistency of products after welding, resulting in improved quality.
Reduce the generation of scrap and costs.
Using resistance welding process has no pollution, no emission, low energy consumption, and can realize the whole room temperature clean production.

Double-head spot welder for movable contact lugs

440KVA Automatic welder

Materials:Copper&Silver Alloy

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