What operation specifications should be followed when welding?

1. Familiar with the commonly used metal spot welding parameters

Technical engineers who often use spot welding machines should be familiar with the commonly used metal spot welding parameters. First, to improve the efficiency of spot welding operations, and second, to improve the quality of spot welding of different metals, such as galvanized steel spot welding should meet the welding conditions, choose a more appropriate plate thickness, electrode pressure and welding time, familiar with these metal spot welding parameters to facilitate rapid access to spot welding operations.

2. Know the spot welding head design in advance

According to what many spot welding machine manufacturers have shared and introduced, we should also know the design of the spot welding head in advance when choosing a welder for the operation. This is very beneficial to subsequently adjust the spot distance and the number of spot welds. For example, if the spot welding head is affected by a vertical panel with tensile load strength, the strength in that direction is positive. If the spot distance is too small, this part of the strength will be affected by the shunt.

3. Compliance with the safety requirements of spot welding operations

When using a spot welder spot welding, it is necessary to follow the safety norms for spot welding operations. On the one hand, it can ensure the stable operation of the spot welding equipment, on the other hand, it can also ensure the personal safety of the spot welding operator. For example, the spot welder should turn on the corresponding control switch and welding current small switch before starting, and connect the water source, gas source and the adjustment button on the control box, and only after the relevant operation is completed can the switch power supply be officially turned on.

According to a large number of comparative surveys, the spot welding machine has significantly improved the spot welding process and spot welding effect compared with previous years. Especially in the application of professional spot welding machine, in addition to choosing the appropriate parameters of spot welding process, it is also necessary to follow some operating procedures of spot welding, such as being familiar with the commonly used metal spot welding parameters, understanding the design of spot welding head in advance and meeting the safety requirements of spot welding operation.

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