How to select resistance spot welding electrode?

It is well known that the electrodes of resistance spot welding machines are consumables, because as the number of welded joints increases, the electrode tip will gradually form a layer of media on its surface. If used for too long or not polished in time, it will have adverse consequences on the quality of welded joints. Therefore, choosing electrodes with long service life and high quality becomes a problem in our mind.

The following items can be used as reference for purchasing electrodes.

1. High electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, high pressure performance, improved heat on the surface of the weld.

2. High hardness, good resistance to deformation and wear resistance.

3. At high temperatures and welding parts to form an alloy tendency is small, stable physical properties, not easy to adhere.

4. Low material cost, easy processing, easy to replace after deformation or wear.

5. Comprehensive performance considerations, generally using chromium zirconium copper or aluminum oxide copper.

Understand that when purchasing electrodes, some maintenance matters should also be noted.

Electrodes are consumables. When the daily use loss is not very serious, you can use a file or electrode grinder to repair, move the upper and lower electrodes to both sides of the grinder head, and the welding pliers apply pressure. At the same time, the grinder head starts to rotate. After cutting set time, electrode end face repair new surface, repair pile deformation and surface oxide layer.


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