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We are a professional manufacturer of resistance welders and clinch machines, equipped with a dedicated team of R&D professionals and cutting-edge technology, we warmly welcome your visiting.

Why choose Heron?

● Specialize in the resistance welding industry for more than 30 years, we continue to research and develop green welding technology and provide high-end connection equipment for green manufacturing, which drive us to successfully develop a large number of intelligent automatic production lines. As a result, we possess a wealth of experience in automation system design.

● Our mature welding technology has solved many industry challenges. For instance,  our capacitor discharge(CD) welding technology has solved the projection welding quality of hot stamping steel; our intermediate frequency(MFDC) welding technology has resolved spot welding challenges for aluminum alloy, high temperature alloys, and dissimilar metals like copper and steel. Our achievements extend to the manufacturing of the industry's first cycle time of 3.9S automatic compressor production line. Additionally, we have developed and manufactured the leading 2500KVA MFDC welder with a maximum short circuit current of 250KA. While our self-developed 150KJ CD welder holds the distinction of being the industry's leading equipment with a maximum short circuit current of 1000KA.

● We invented the flush self-piercing riveting (FSPR) technology to solve the riveting problems of integrated die-castings, ultrahigh strength steel and multi-layer materials for new energy automobile.

● We use 650 intelligent monitoring system, through the real-time collection and calculation of big data, to realize the real-time monitoring of welding quality.

● Heron's CD welder boasts a welding current of up to 1 million amperes, which is defined by its small heat-affected zone, low energy consumption, and reduced electrode loss, translating to cost savings. It features patented charging technology that ensures optimal safety and reliability, with a discharge time of only 20ms or less. Additionally, it remains disconnected from the grid during discharge, making it impervious to grid fluctuations. When welding galvanized plate, the surface of the non-welding zone galvanized layer won't be damaged and there is no need to polish the treatment and grinding after welding.

● Our robot welding guns contribute a lot to the development of China's new energy automobile industry, with a full range of clamp, modular design, exceptional rigidity, high self-production rate, stable performance, and strong supply capability, offering an unparalleled maximum output current of up to 55 KA.

● With an independent electronic control production workshop, we have complete control over the quality of our products, including the design and manufacture of main boards, controllers, transformers and welding control systems.

● We have a complete pre-sale, sale and after-sale full chain of customer service system, along with a team of nearly one hundred highly trained engineers; the warehouse has sufficient spare parts reserves to ensure the efficient and rapid delivery, as well as fast after-sales maintenance and replacement.

What is the price of your machine?

We specialize in providing customized solutions based on your specific welding requirements. We would appreciate it if you could kindly share the following information with us to help us recommend the most suitable welders at favorable prices:
● The material and thickness of your part;
● The welding position data of your part;
● Your requirements for appearance and strength(pulling force/torque)after welding;
● The automation level you want to achieve;
● It would be better if you can provide us the detailed technical drawings,then our experienced engineers can come out with the customized technical proposal and price for you.

What is the warranty period of your machine?

Our standard warranty period is 1 year after shipment. In the warranty period, we will send the spare parts to you for free (except for consumable parts except) and provide the technical consultant any time.

How do you guarantee after- sale?

We offer a comprehensive 12-month warranty on our machines. During which we will provide free replacement of any damaged parts (excluding consumable parts) and offer online guidance to diagnose any problems. In case you encounter issues that cannot be resolved by the replacement of new parts, our team of skilled engineers will be deployed to your factory to assist in fixing the machine. 

What is the delivery time of your machine?

It depends on the complexity of the machine. Most of our standard machines are in stock, so we can ship the machines needed with the 1-30 days after receiving your full payment. If you need the customized machine, normally it would take about 30-90 days.

Can we send the sample to you for welding test?

Yes. You can send your samples to our factory to do trial welding test, then we will send you the welding videos and pictures after testing for your review. Additionally, if desired, we can also send the welded samples back to your address, so that you can personally check the welding quality before ordering the machines.

How do you guarantee the quality of your products?

Our professional QC team will do strict quality control inspection before shipment to assure the best quality. 

What' s your payment terms?

We can accept the following payment terms: T/T, L/C at sight. Usually we ship on receipt of full payment, or payment terms can be negotiated.

How can we install the machine?

For standard machines, we will provide you the English operation manual and operation video,in addition to providing you the online guidance and training to your engineer so you can operation the machine easily. For customized machines and automatic lines, we will send engineers to your country to help installation and training. But there will be extra cost for Engineer, including the salary, visa cost, round-trip ticket cost, and accommodation fee, which will be covered by your side.

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