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HERON's dream is to make joining simple, enabling various industries with metal connection needs to benefit from our cutting-edge research and development.

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Stick to our first heart , together wait for the momentum of the prairie. HERON's dream is to make welding easier, so that all industries with welding needs can share the scientific research achievements of HERON.

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In 2022, the annual sales of HERON exceeded US$50 million
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HERON listed as No.33 in Guangzhou's Top 100 enterprises
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Recognised for strong contribution to science and technology
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Represented Conghua District at Canton Fair
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HERON' s dream and 30-year history of struggle
Establish a foundation, light up the spark
Ride the wind and waves, we got the first shine!
Stick to our first heart, together wait for the momentum of the prairie
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Company History
 In our thirty-year journey of company development, HERON is always brave enough to take the path less travellled. 
Establish a foundation
In 1991, Mr. Bill, the Founder & CEO of HERON, concluded his intensive study of resistance welding. Fuelled by his passion for the craft, he harboured an earnest desire to embark on his very own entrepreneurial venture in the realm of resistance welding, with the intent to make a tangible impact. Thus, he banded together with his friends to establish the nascent corporation referred to above. The inception of any new start-up is invariably accompanied by a multitude of formidable trials and tribulations, and for Mr. Bill and his cohorts, toil and hunger were perhaps the indelible hallmarks of their remarkable journey as self-made entrepeneurs.

China's first integrated welding guns

Despite encountering challenges along the way, the unwavering enthusiasm of the small team cannot be simply overlooked. In their small workshop, they tirelessly innovated and created  the anti-damp silver brazing agent, China's inaugural integrated welding guns, and the AC 51 controller utilizing a single chip computer. However, in 1992, the team encountered their first major hurdle, as business difficulties left only Bill to bear the burden of debt.

Fortunately, he got help from a fund and persevered. In 1994, his success in developing the first integrated welding guns for a light-weight truck vehicle production line for Shanghai Dongfeng Company served as a source of immense encouragement. Furthermore, it laid the cornerstone for the technological advancements that ultimately fueled the creation of HERON Intelligent Equipment.

Ride the wind and waves

In 1997, Mr. Bill founded HERON Company and purchased a 4,000 square meter plot of land. Over the course of the next 15 years, HERON experienced significant growth, expanding from a modest 20-person team to a thriving business bustling with over 100 employees.

Throughout this time, HERON remained devoted to technological innovation, continuously breaking new ground with cutting-edge processes that upend conventional industry norms. Specifically, HERON has developed a CDW medium voltage capacitor energy discharge welding technology and an MFDC medium frequency spot projection welding technology, both of which have successfully saved costs, improved productive efficiency and reduced environmental pollution for customers.

As a result, HERON has worked tirelessly to scale these advancements across several industries, encompassing automobiles, compressors, low-voltage electric systems, home appliances, motors, hardware, and beyond, leaving remarkable footprints in the resistance welding process in each industry.

Intelligent era for our industry

In 2012, the company officially changed its name to "Guangzhou HERON Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd". In order to expand its operations, the company purchased over 80 acres of land to establish a new base and construct a new factory. In 2019, the company successfully completed its relocation, with the factory building area reaching 54,000 square meters. The new facility is equipped with a full line of manufacturing equipment and has a larger production capacity. Additionally, HERON also built the HERON courtyard, which offers various living and entertainment amenities for its employees, such as a canteen, gymnasium, basketball court, and staff dormitory building to ensure that the staff can live and work happily. HERON employees often refer to the company as their "home".

The development of the company brings an increasing number of employees in China and abroad. Currently, HERON has a total of over 400 employees globally, and the organizational structure is well-developed, with dedicated teams in research and development, technology, sales, production, and functional management departments across three continents.

Process innovation

During these 15 years, HERON has remained devoted to the improvement of traditional technologies, continually breaking new ground with cutting-edge processes that upend conventional industry norms.

Invented the resistance welding process for copper tubes and steel lower shell of the refrigerator compressor, which replaced the traditional silver brazing process.
Invented the medium-frequency high-current resistance diffusion welding process, providing a new process for the conductive bus bar of frame circuit breakers, replacing the traditional brazing process.
Produced the industry's first automatic production line with a record 3.9s speed, which greatly improved the productive efficiency of the lower shell of refrigerator compressors.
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Introduced medium voltage capacitor discharge technology into the air conditioning compressor production line, replacing the traditional furnace brazing and carbon dioxide shield welding. With this new technology, the production process is now more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.
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HERON invented the capacitor discharge resistance welding technology and successfully applied it to the welding of hot-stamping steel, solving the industry problem of unstable welding of hot-stamping steel.
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HERON's global reach

HERON's ultimate goal is to make welding easier, making it accessible to various industries worldwide by offering the scientific breakthroughs that we continuously achieve. Over the past 15 years, HERON has expanded its product offerings  to Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Currently, we have established a strong presence and market share in over 20 countries worldwide.

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HERON, the leader in the
resistance welding industry
During these years, HERON has remained committed to product and process innovation

Throughout these years, we have diligently focused on addressing challenging issues within the industry through product and prcess innovation. Through extensive research on various welding and connection processes of hot-stamping steel and aluminum alloys, we have successfully developed the medium frequency DC resistance welding 802 controller and 803 controller, medium voltage capacitor storage welder 211 controller, AC 62 controller, and FSPR self-piercing riveting technology. These innovations have not only garnered the favor of our users but have also garnered praise from the industry as a whole.

Comprehensively launch a new generation of product upgrades

To meet market demands, HERON has set its sights on automation and artificial intelligence, with big data as the focal point. In response, we have released a new generation of products featuring comprehensive upgrades and developed HRC650 real-time quality monitoring system. This system tackles the challenge of real-time quality inspection and control in resistance welding processes by quantifying and analyzing key factors that affect welding quality through high-speed acquisition and informed judgement.

30 years, HERON leaves behind the story of an industry trailblazer!

Simultaneously shining brightl with success and persevering through difficult times. In the spirit of exploration, preservation and dedication to our craft, HERON has received industry recognition as a leading provider of innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient joining technologies.

Moving forward, HERON will continue to lead the industry, adhere to our pioneering spirit, and tirelessly work to address the pain points and challenges of the modern manufcturing industry. With a concerted effort alongside our valued customers and partners, HERON will forge ahead to create a brilliant new era of success.

Cooperative partners

HERON's unwavering pursuit of quality has created the trust and favor of customers. Up to now, HERON has successfully served more than 6,000 customers both domestically and internationally, and forged long-term partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies.

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30 years of perseverance, leaving behind the story of an industry trailblazer!

Brilliant and struggling together! In more than 30 years of road exploration and persistence, Heron has also won many awards along the way!

In the future , Heron will continue to be the pioneer of the industry, focusing unswervingly on the cause of resistance welding, adhere to the original intention of scientific research and innovation, continue to solve the pain and difficulties of the industry, join hands with customers and friends to create a beautiful new glory!

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HERON, make joining simple
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