We have 3 main technological platforms

for customers to choose from.

Our resistance welding process

We work to explore new technologies and processes in the field of metal connection, further growing into a world-class provider of metal connection processes and equipment systems.

Resistance welding process for copper tubes and steel shells
Resistance welding process for liquid storage tank end caps
Resistance welding process for brake gas chamber
Resistance seam welding process for silver copper strips
Resistance welding process for the upper and lower cover of air conditioning compressor
Resistance welding process for stainless steel bucket inlet and outlet
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We have a professional team with rich experience
HERON has a robust team of over 100 highly experienced professional engineers, with more than 60% of employees having devoted over 10 years to the company.
30+ years of experience
6000+ customer projects
20+ countries/regions
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MFDC Technology

Medium frequency resistance welding

When using three-phase input power supply for resistance welding with MFDC, the transformer size is significantly reduced, and the welding time is only in milliseconds when compared to AC. Moreover, the more stable welding current output and high heating intensity result in the excellent performance in welding materials such as high temperature alloys, non-ferrous metals and high strength steels.

CDW Technology

Middle voltage capacitor discharge welding technology

The technology of medium voltage capacitor discharge resistance welding was pioneered by Heron in 2010. This technology consists of non-polarized capacitors made of metal film with a capacity that is resistant to decay and explosion. Capacitor discharge welding is characterized by a fast rise in current, and extremely short time in welding.

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FSPR Technology

Flush self-piercing riveting

The FSPR process involves automatically feeding a special rivet into the upper rivet head through special riveting equipment, punching and discharging the connected base material through the rivet during the punching process, and then forming a reliable connection after extrusion around the rivet through the lower die.

Independently developed real-time
quality monitoring system
HERON is currently building its own big data and quality analysis system, which will provide intelligent quality assurance systems for industrial mass production. 
HRC670 Rivet Joint Real Time Quality Monitoring System
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HRC650 Resistance Welding Quality Monitor
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