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Heron Technologies USA announced its relocation to Park 100 Ste. 800 at 7750 Zionsville Rd, Indianapolis - the company's new base for manufacturing, training and R&D testing of advanced metal joining technologies.
2024 04 21
Heron Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd announced it is establishing a center dedicated to the research & development of advanced metal joining technologies in the heart of Indiana.
2024 02 20
Heron Intelligent Equipment,a leading provider of metal joining equipment, has acquired the business assets of flush self-pierce riveting specialist AKH with main facilities in Danville, Indiana.
2024 01 15
Heron Intelligent Equipment, a leading resistance welding and automation machinery manufacturer, has established a new office in the United States to serve a fast-growing customer-based in green manufacturing in North America.
2024 01 12
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