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Real-time monitoring of welding quality has become an indispensablecomponent of contemporary industrial production, ensuring the stability and reliability of the welding process.
2024 06 11
Welding is a necessary process in modern manufacturing and is widely used in automotive production. What types of welding can automakers consider adopting in the production of different parts and components?
2024 02 29
MFDC (Medium frequency) welding and AC welding are two common welding processesthathave different characteristics during the welding process. Here, we will introduce to you, MFDC welding VS AC welding, which is better?
2023 12 15
During the manufacturing of air conditioning compressors, have youencountered any problems with welding liquid storage tanks? Let us explain why that might be the case.
2023 12 14
Hot stamping steel is widely used in automotive body parts manufacturing. The tensile strength of general high-strength steel is around 400-450MPa, while the tensile strength of hot stamping steel reaches 500-800 MPa before heating.
2023 12 13
The following section introduces welding points for common auotmobiles - cars and cargo vehicles.
2023 12 12
When using an inverter welder, you need to pay attention to safe operation, power supply stability, cable selection, welding material selection, welding environment and maintenance to ensure the desired welding outcome and normal operation of the equipment.
2023 12 11
Almost all welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloy, but aluminum and aluminum alloyhave differentadaptabilitytovarious welding methods.
2023 12 10
There are many welding methods for aluminum alloys, and each method has its ownunique applications. Let's explore.
2023 12 09
Aluminum alloy is widely used in industrial products because it has good physical properties. Let's explore the various welding methods and their applications in this article.
2023 12 08
Resistance welding is a welding process that utilizes the resistance heat generated by the current passing through the welding parts and its contact area as a heat source to heat the welding parts and pressurize welding parts.
2022 12 07
Resistance welding is an efficient welding process that has wide appliances in autmotive manufacturing. Let's take a look.
2023 12 06
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