Electrode Connector For welding gun 1
Electrode Connector For welding gun 1

Electrode Connector For welding gun

Heron's Electrode Connector For Welding Gun has good quality and a good price/performance ratio. The main component of it is chromium-zirconium copper. 


Model: Specialized for welding gun

MOQ: ≥2pcs

Price terms: FOB Guangzhou

Lead time: under 5 units one week

Industries: Auto parts industry, home appliance industry, compressor industry, hardware industry, etc.


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    Electrode Connector For welding gun 2

    Electrode parts influence the weld quality during continuous welding by more than 50%. Suitable welding materials and electrodes are critical to weld quality!The main material used in the manufacture of heron's electrode connectors is chrome zirconium copper. It has good electrical and thermal conductivity, high hardness, wear-resistant and anti-explosive, and is a very suitable material for making electrode parts. 

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    Electrode Connector For welding gun 4

    Suitable for robotic welding guns and integrated transguns. Please contact us for specific needs and specification options.

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