Courtyard Story : Thirty Years Of Perseverance, Heron Steadfastly Takes The Hard But Right Path!

Courtyard Story : Thirty years of perseverance, Heron steadfastly takes the hard but right path!


In 2022, Annual sales of the Heron over 300 million

Heron identified as the “specialty special new”SMEs

Guangzhou top 100 enterprises to be listed high enterprises(No.33)

Guangzhou strongest science and technology innovation “leader”top10

Represented Conghua District at Guangzhou Fair

Official government has repeatedly named and praised


In the spotlight,shows that Heron today achieved.

Behind the scenes of the stage, writing that Heron for over 30 years never forget the original intention years.

Thirty years of perseverance, Heron steadfastly takes the hard but right path


1988-1996 : Establish the Heron foundation, ignite the fire of stars

In 1991, a company named South China Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 45, East Technology Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. At that time, the production district of South China Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. looked like a small workshop from the outside. Less than 20 square meters of space,placed simple equipment. A small garage is the starting point for Mr. Bill, the General Manager of Heron Company, to write his ideal of life.



Mr. Bill,General Manager of Heron, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1988,major in welding. After graduating from university, Mr.Bill was assigned to Guangzhou Wanbao Air Conditioner Factory as welding technician, responsible for the welding process of refrigerators.


In the 1990s, is the key period of China's economic development, contemporary college students growing up under the red flag each harbored dreams of entrepreneurship and industrial revitalization of the economy. In that extraordinary era, with the enthusiasm of young people, Mr. Bill resolutely left Wanbao company, and in 1991, together with his friends, established South China Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.,also is the small workshop we mentioned above.

Startup, always full of hardship," hungry "is probably the common memory of that generation of self-made entrepreneurs.

However, it was under such difficult conditions and with full of enthusiasm, in this small workshop, Mr. Bill and his small team invented the anti-damp silver brazing agent, designed China's first integrated welding guns, and developed the AC 51 controller using a single chip computer.

In 1992, due to business difficulties, the already small team was finally left with only Mr.Bill still holding on to the team's common dream. With the company's debts, he moved the factory to Yuangang.

Fortunately, in 1994, the company received financial support from Guangzhou Yudalong, the company moved to Guangzhou Shahe Meihuayuan District, and successfully manufactured the first integrated welding guns light truck carriage production line for Dongfeng Company.


1997-2012: riding the wave, the first dazzling light

The initial success gave Mr. Bill great encouragement, and also laid the technical foundation for the creation of Heron.

In 1997, Mr. Bill purchased 4,000 square meters of land in Conghua Development Zone and formally established Heron Company, investing all the technology accumulated over the years into Heron. From 1998 to 2012, Heron has grown from a small 20 people team to certain scale company. According to the statistics, as of 2012, the number of Heron's employees in service is more than 100 in total.


During these 15 years, Heron has taken advantage of the development of the appliance and hardware industry in the Pearl River Delta to continuously carry out research and development of industry technology innovation, constantly innovate the process and subvert the tradition. Heron has developed CDW medium voltage capacitor energy storage technology and MFDC medium frequency resistance spot projection welding technology, which have successfully saved cost, improved production efficiency and reduced environmental pollution for customers.

Heron has promoted these technologies to seven industries: automotive, auto parts, compressor, low-voltage electric, home appliance, motor, hardware, etc., leaving remarkable footprints in the resistance welding process in each industry.

Invented the resistance welding process for the copper tubes and steel lower shell of the refrigerator compressor, replaced the traditional silver brazing process;

Invented the medium-frequency high-current resistance diffusion welding process, providing a new process for the conductive bus bar of frame circuit breakers, replaced the traditional brazing process.

Introduced medium voltage capacitor energy storage resistance welding technology into the air conditioning compressor production line, replaced the traditional furnace brazing and carbon dioxide shield welding, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Produced the industry's first automatic production line with 3.9S speed (the fastest level),which greatly improved the production efficiency of the lower shell of refrigerator compressors;

Heron manufactured the industry-leading 2500KVA MFDC welding machine;invented the capacitor storage energy resistance welding technology and successfully applied to the welding of thermoformed steel, solved the industry problem of unstable welding of thermoformed steel.

Heron's ideal is to make welding easier, so that all industries with welding needs can share the scientific research achievements of Heron. During these 15 years, Heron has expanded its products to Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa, and has a certain market scale in more than 10 countries and regions around the world.



2012-Now: Stick to our first heart , together wait for the momentum of the prairie

In 2012, the company underwent demutualization and was officially renamed as "Guangzhou Heron Intelligent Equipment Co.Ltd”,and purchased over 80 acres of land to plan a new base and build a new factory.

In 2019, the company successfully completed the relocation, the factory building area of 54,000 square meters, all production facilities, with full line of equipment manufacturing capacity and larger production capacity.

At the same time, Heron also built the Heron courtyard which has many living and entertainment facilities such as canteen, gymnasium, basketball court and staff dormitory building, so that the staff can live and work happily. Heron employees often say "Heron is our home".

The development of the company brings the scale of personnel is also growing day by day, as of now, the Heron company has a total of over 300 employees in service, the organizational structure is perfect, research and development, technology, sales, production and functional management of various sectors have formed teams.

During these 10 years, Heron has not forgotten the mission of scientific research, paid attention to the difficult problems in the industry, research on various welding and connection processes of thermoformed steel and aluminum alloys,and successfully developed the medium frequency DC resistance welding 802 controller and 803 controller, medium voltage capacitor storage welder 211 controller, AC 62 controller, and FSPR self-piercing riveting technology, which have won the favor of users and praise from the industry. In order to meet the market demand, Heron has established the product direction with automation and artificial intelligence, as well as big data as the core, comprehensively launched new generation of product upgrade, and developed real-time quality monitoring system.

Resistance welding is a green process widely used in modern manufacturing, but the problem of real-time monitoring of welding quality has always been in front of the industry, Heron with more than 30 years of industry practice, to explore a digital resistance welding road (specific details can be found in the article "Heron Express | 2023 Wonderful New Departure: Focus On Digital Resistance Welding, Making Welding Easier!) Launched the new HRC650 real-time quality monitoring system, solves the problem of real-time quality inspection and control of resistance welding process by quantifying and analyzing the factors affecting the welding quality in the welding process with high-speed acquisition and forming judgment on the welding quality.



The enthusiasm for scientific research and the pursuit of quality have created the trust and favor of customers to Heron. Up to now, Heron has served nearly 6,000 cases of customers at China and abroad, and has maintained good long-term partnership with many Fortune 500 customers.



Brilliant and struggling together! In more than 30 years of road exploration and persistence, Heron has also won many awards along the way!

Facing the future, Heron always stands in the front of the industry, living up to the expectations of the public, overcoming difficulties and exploring the way forward for the industry!

Heron focusing on professionalism and quality, has established a joint laboratory with Harbin Institute of Technology, formed an operation mode of organic combination of industry, academia and research, established Heron Metal Connection Innovation Salon, regularly held the International Metal Connection Heron Forum, and actively expanded external cooperation and communication.



30 years of perseverance, leaving behind the story of an industry trailblazer!

In the future years, Heron will continue to be the pioneer of the industry, focus unswervingly on the cause of resistance welding, adhere to the original intention of scientific research and innovation, continue to solve the pain and difficulties of the industry, join hands with customers and friends to create a beautiful new glory!


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