Electrode Diameter Of Butt Welding Machine And Method Of Preventing Electric Shock

The butt welding machine selects electrodes with different outer diameters, and selects a smaller diameter on the side of thin parts or workpieces with good electrical and thermal conductivity to increase the current density on this side and reduce the influence of heat dissipation of the electrodes; choose different For electrode materials, copper alloys with poor thermal conductivity are selected on the side of thin parts or workpieces with good electrical and thermal conductivity to reduce heat loss on this side; technical gaskets are used: on thin parts or workpieces with good electrical and thermal conductivity A gasket made of metal with poor thermal conductivity is placed on one side to reduce heat dissipation on this side.

To prevent electric shock to the welding machine:

1. The chassis of the butt welding machine must be grounded. The purpose of grounding is to prevent the butt welding machine from accidentally touching the shell and injuring people. It is indispensable under any circumstances. The grounding body of the butt welding machine can widely use the natural grounding electrode, such as the water pipeline, the metal structure of the building that has a reliable connection with the earth, etc. However, it is strictly forbidden to use the pipeline of inflammable and explosive materials as the natural grounding body. If the resistance of the natural grounding electrode exceeds 4Ω, use an artificial grounding body, otherwise, it is likely to cause an electric shock accident or even a fire.

2. The insulation of the welding tongs of the welding machine must be reliable, and it is strictly forbidden to use electric welding tongs without a shell to prevent accidents.

3. The staff must wear gloves when changing the welding rod. If the clothes are soaked with sweat, they are not allowed to lean on metal objects to prevent electric shock.

4. The construction personnel must disconnect the power switch when repairing the butt welding machine, and the switch must have an obvious disconnection gap, and then use an electric pen to check to ensure that the power has been cut off before starting maintenance.

5. When the butt welding machine is moving, the power supply must be cut off, and it is not allowed to move the butt welding machine by pulling the cable.

6. If there is a sudden power failure when the butt welding machine is working, the power supply should be cut off immediately to prevent electric shock caused by a sudden point.

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