Heron AMTS 2023: Keeping in Mind The Mission, Heron Helps The Development Of Automobile Manufacturing Industry!

On July 8, automotive engineering industry event-the 18th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Equipment and Materials Exhibition AMTS ended perfectly in Shanghai. As an industry event for automotive materials and design, process and equipment, quality and assembly, engineering and service technology, AMTS has received high attention from many company in the field of automotive engineering. Standing in the welding of this key segment of the automotive manufacturing industry, Heron also participated in this exhibition.

In this exhibition, Heron presented to the industry friends the Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welder, MFDC Resistance Welder and Robot Welding Gun and Controller.






Heron utilized dynamic demonstration, static display,live personnel interaction and other ways, to show the characteristics of Heron products to industry friends, attracted thousands of customers and partners to pay attention to the punch card, including many customers from leading enterprises in the automotive industry.




In addition, as an invited guest,Heron made a presentation with the topic of "Connection Process and Equipment for Lightweight Body of New Energy Vehicles" at AMTS 2023 New Energy Vehicle Assembly Engineering Summit and the 4th Automotive Chassis Engineering Development Forum.







The unstoppable development of new energy vehicles is a huge opportunity for all automotive engineering-related enterprises. At the same time, the development of new energy vehicles also puts forward to major automotive enterprises lightweight body, new material applications and manufacturing process improvement and many other needs.

Welding, is a key part of the automobile manufacturing process. The effect of welding is one of the key factors to determine the quality of automobile manufacturing. In the meeting, Heron introduced to the industry friends Heron self-developed medium frequency inverter resistance welding process, medium-voltage discharge resistance welding process and resistance diffusion welding process to cope with the welding difficulties faced by the contemporary automobile enterprises: the welding of aluminum alloy; the projection welding of hot-formed steel and the conductive busbar resistance welding of the coil terminal welding of the motor.


AMTS 2023 has come to a perfect end, and Heron would like to thank everyone who attended the event, as well as our partners and staff.


As an enterprise based in China and focusing on the world, Heron will always keep in mind its original intention and mission to help the automobile manufacturing industry to flourish on the road of assisting customers' production development!

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