Heron Express-Decipher Refrigerator Champion's Choice Of (Refrigerator Heart) Welding

Heron Express-Decipher Refrigerator Champion's Choice of (Refrigerator Heart) Welding


People eat food for life, As a major food country, China has been pursuing delicacy for thousands of years,and is also very careful about the storage of ingredients.


In ancient times, people through the cellar, warehouse storage, refrigeration (with natural ice) of the way to store food preservation. Until 1956, when the first Chinese refrigerator was developed at the Snowflake Refrigerator Factory in Beijing, that the Chinese really got the knack of free time suspension.


Refrigerator, a necessary home appliance

Nowadays, refrigerator has become the necessary home appliances in many families. People's daily life ingredients, fruits, meat, etc., need to be put into the refrigerator to be able to keep fresh. The good or bad of the refrigerator is directly related to the freshness of the ingredients and the taste of the subsequent dishes, so the selection of the refrigerator is also highly valued by people. Not long ago, China brand network according to the market response, came out with a list of the top10 refrigerator brands of the year 2023.


Compressor, the heart of refrigerator


Compressor is the core component of the refrigerator, equivalent to the human heart, and refrigerator uses advanced technology, quality compressor, will be able to extend the service life of the refrigerator, improve the refrigerator refrigeration effect, reduce the product energy consumption and noise.

The main role of the compressor is the motor as power, drive the compressor rotation, so that push the piston in the cylinder reciprocating motion, thus pushing the refrigerant flow in the system, compressor working process is suction, compression, exhaust, expansion cycle process.


Heron, the champion's choice

Looking back at the (Top 10 Refrigerator Brands of the Year List 2023)," we can see that Haier, Siemens, and Midea are at the top of the list, and Heron is the unanimous choice of these refrigerator manufacturing champions!


Heron specializes in resistance welding technology for over 30 years, the refrigerator compressor welding process has been under study for many years. Faced with the refrigerator compressor welding quality stability, cost control, efficiency improvement, environmental protection and other challenges, Heron constantly specialized research, and developed a series of different customer needs, different compressor parts welding requirements of customized equipment and industry production line.










Excellent welding quality, so that Heron products become long-term choice for many refrigerator compressor industry leading enterprises!


In the future, Heron is willing to join with customers at worldwide, with the welding quality for the refrigerator manufacturing products, with cutting-edge welding technology for the resistance welding industry to bring vigorous new vitality!

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