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On August 1, the Publicity Department of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee organized a high-quality development media research activities, aimed at the front-line research to see how Guangzhou strengthened the status of the main body of enterprise science and technology innovation, to promote the gathering of innovation elements to enterprises, and continue to improve the level of transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.


Focusing on accelerating the high level of scientific and technological self-reliance and promoting the high-quality development of the whole Guangzhou, this high-quality development of the media research line activities into the Heron, to introduce you this tireless deep plowing resistance welding technology for more than 30 years of manufacturing enterprises.


-From less than 20 square meters small workshop, to a factory building of over 50,000 built-up area today.

-From a small team of less than 20 people to a company of nearly 400 today.

-From the beginning of the venture, the team led by Mr. Bill, GM of Heron, has more than 30 years of technical accumulation.

-Since its inception, Heron has 26 years of resistance welding experience in the market.


Along the way, laughter and sweat side by side, brilliance and struggle together! Every Heron people deeply understands the hard-won results nowadays. (See previous article Courtyard Story : Thirty Years Of Perseverance, Heron Steadfastly Takes The Hard But Right Path!)


The persistent pursuit of innovation and strict requirements for quality have also been deeply engraved into the genes of Heron over the past 30 years. Heron believes that "Welding, is the key to manufacturing! Innovation, is the soul of the enterprise!"


In the exhibition hall and workshop of Heron, Mr. Bill, the general manager, introduced and showed the products of the company to the members of this research trip. He said that the company relies on independent research and development and technological innovation, with more than 90 invention patents, many of which have achieved significant economic and social benefits in practical application. All the products that Heron sold to the market have been highly praised by customers!



Mr.Bill introduced the Heron products


"Intelligent resistance welding technology is a key process for the entire manufacturing industry. We continue to push forward and focus on making breakthroughs in automotive, compressor and other application fields according to the demand for metals intelligent welding equipment." Heron will continue to adhere to the independent innovation for development as the purpose, to intelligent energy-saving and environmentally friendly resistance welding equipment research and development and production as the main direction of development, to do high-quality welding products, and strive to specialize in the resistance welding industry , stronger and bigger.



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