Resistance Welder Welding System

Welding systems for resistance welding are currently mainly divided into four categories:

1. Single-phase AC welding machine: This type of welding machine is the most common at present. It uses a single-phase AC control system and a transformer, which can meet the needs of most low-carbon steel welding. However, with the current state's control of industrial power consumption, when welding workpieces with thick plates, it will cause a huge burden and impact on the power grid. The emergence of the other three welding methods solves this problem.

2. Intermediate frequency inverter welding machine: This is the most advanced welding resistance welding technology at present. After being rectified by the transformer, the electrode outputs direct current, which can maximize the power factor, ensure the welding quality, and save 3% of energy. Ten (compared to single-phase AC). And this type of welding machine is welding some special materials, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, etc., and the welding effect is excellent.

Three, three secondary rectifier welding machine: This type of welding machine is mainly used for spot welding welding, the main feature is that it can achieve high-power welding, and the impact on the power grid is small. Resistance welding is now also used for flash butt and seam welding.

4. AC frequency conversion welding system: This type of welding machine is mainly used for seam welding.

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