What Are The Functional Characteristics Of Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine

What are the functional characteristics of the pneumatic spot welding machine - the bosses who are ready to start look at it:

1. The control of the welding machine adopts the conductor integrated circuit, and the digital dial switch is used to adjust the welding parameters, which is extremely accurate and has zero error.

2. The welding process is divided into four programs, "pressurization", "welding", "maintain", "rest", and the four programs can be adjusted within the time range of 0 to 99 cycles (ie 0.02-1.98S).

3. The welding current can be adjusted by the heat knob on the control box for stepless fine adjustment of 20% to 100%.

4. The control system of the welding machine has the function of self-adapting power factor and the protection function of preventing the conduction of the single thyristor, which ensures the maximum output of the welding machine and the main circuit of the welding will not be damaged due to accidents.

5. The pressure between the electrodes can be controlled by the regulating valve of the intake air. The adjusted pressure will not change due to the thickness of the weldment or the wear of the electrodes.

6. The welding machine can record the times of spot welding, which are displayed on the panel of the control box, and can also be reset and reset by button to start.

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