What Is A Resistance Welder

Resistance welding machine refers to a welding equipment that uses the principle of resistance heating for welding. Resistance welding machines can be divided into different types according to different uses and requirements. From the classification of welding methods, spot welders, seam welders, projection welders and butt welders, etc.: from the pressurized form of electrodes, there are lever type, electric cam type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type, and pneumatic and hydraulic combined type, etc. From the classification of welding current types of resistance welding machines, there are several types of single-phase power frequency welding machines, secondary rectifier welding machines, three-phase low-frequency welding machines, capacitor energy storage welding machines and inverter power supply welding machines. The resistance welding machine is mainly composed of the main circuit part, the pressure transmission part and the control part.


The welding methods of resistance welding machine mainly include spot welding, seam welding, projection welding and butt welding.

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