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Product Overview

The 撒啊啊 Heron Intelligent Equipment is a self-developed product that combines innovation, aesthetics, and practicality. It has been rigorously tested to meet international quality standards and can meet the challenge of market competition.

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Product Features

The equipment's main components are manufactured in-house, ensuring timely delivery and product stability. It has a rated capacity of 25 KVA, a primary current of 17 A, and a secondary empty voltage of 7.2 V. It also has a throat depth of 235 mm and an arm gap of 230 mm.

Product Value

The 撒啊啊 Heron Intelligent Equipment offers customers the benefits of a self-developed product with reliable components and a track record of meeting delivery deadlines. It provides value for money with its quality assurance and cost-effectiveness.

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Product Advantages

Heron Intelligent Equipment has accumulated rich industry experience and takes the meeting customer's needs as their duty. They offer personalized services and strive to open up overseas markets while maintaining a focus on talent cultivation. Their employees are excellent, professional, dedicated, and strict, ensuring the long-term development of the company.

Application Scenarios

The 撒啊啊 Heron Intelligent Equipment is widely used in industries such as automobile and auto parts, home appliances, compressors, and hardware. Its versatility allows it to be applied in various welding scenarios within these industries.

Overall, the 撒啊啊 Heron Intelligent Equipment is a reliable and cost-effective welding equipment that meets international quality standards and satisfies the needs of customers in various industries.

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