Green Welding is Essential for Electric Vehicle Industry

With global resource and environmental protection issues increasingly serious, energy security, environmental protection and emission reduction have becoming the focus of the global attention. In recent years, the automotive industry has also been developing in the direction of energy efficiency, environmental protection and safety. The electric vehicle industry has achieved tremendous growth and has become a representative of clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation ways.

 Green Welding is Essential for Electric Vehicle Industry 1 


As electric vehicles continue to develop, the demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly resistance welding technology is increasing. As a professional metal connection solution manufacturer, Heron has been committed to developing green welding processes for new energy vehicles. Green welding is one of the important support for the rise of the electric vehicle industry. Through green welding technology, we can effectively reduce pollution and consumption during welding, improve productivity, product quality and reduce production costs. Its main advantages are as follows:

1. Environmental Protection

Green welding uses environmentally friendly welding technology and equipment to reduce the generation of smoke, exhaust gas and noise. Additionally, it involves the effective treatment and recycling of the waste generated, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

2. Energy Saving

Green welding adopts advanced welding technology and equipment, optimizing the welding process, which can reduce energy and raw materials consumption.

3. Efficient

Green welding uses digital technology, automatic welders and quality monitoring systems to improve productivity, product quality and reduce manual operation time and costs efficiently.

For years, Heron has adhered to the concept of "green development," constantly innovating technology, providing professional solutions and equipment for electric vehicle industry, and assisting in the green development of the electric vehicle industry. For example, in the welding process of battery packs, Heron introduced medium voltage capacitor discharge resistance welding technology to realize energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Battery packs, as one of the key components in electric vehicle manufacturing, are related to body systems and electrical safety. In response to this market demand, Heron has developed and manufactured an environmentally friendly and efficient welding product - CD welder for battery packs. Using Heron's patented medium voltage capacitor discharge projection welding technology, it has low energy consumption, low material consumption, less pollution, and produces beautiful welding parts, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Green Welding is Essential for Electric Vehicle Industry 2 


In the future, we will seize the opportunity to accelerate the global transition to electric vehicles, developing new welding and other joining technologies and other equipment to provide quality assurance to the metal connection process through big data analysis and artificial intelligence. We will help our clients in the automotive industry prioritize energy-savings, resource efficiency and a lower carbon footprint to achieve high quality production. If you are interested, welcome to visit our website (www.heron-welder.com) to learn more product details and welding knowledge.

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