Attention should be paid when welding cables with butt welding machines

When using a butt welding machine to weld cables, pay attention to the following issues:

1. The power line connecting the welding machine to the power network should not exceed two meters, and the insulation of the line should be guaranteed;

2. The length of the wires connected by the common welding tongs of the butt welding machine is controlled between ten and twenty centimeters;

3. The welding cable cannot be used at will, and should be considered according to the size of the welding current and the required length;

4. The intermediate structure of the welding wire should not exceed three;

5. Do not use metal structures or metal objects such as pipes as lapped wires at will;

6. In the process of use, the cable will generate heat and generate heat, which requires us to better protect it to avoid damage to its insulating layer due to high temperature.

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