Capacitor discharge welding machine is widely used in the field of metal manufacturing and processing

Capacitor discharge welder is widely used in hardware, household appliances, automobiles, pots, cans and other metal manufacturing, production and processing fields.After rectifier rectification, the large space capacitor discharge spot welder charges the capacitor with industrial frequency alternating current, then the stored electrical energy is discharged by the welding transformer and transformed into low voltage, and the power gathers a stable pulse current to weld the metal with the resistance heat formed at the contact point of the welded workpiece. Because the welding voltage and welding time is stable, it is more suitable for welding materials with good thermal conductivity or low heat impact after welding.

The capacitor discharge welder is suitable for aluminum alloy workpiece. The equipment adopts capacitor capacitor storage welding method. The machine output current is more accurate, has a small impact on the power grid, and has an energy-saving effect. DC output, stronger peak, fast spot welding and other advantages play an excellent role in major welding fields.

Ultra-thin stainless steel sheet, such as 0.1mm battery connection sheet, with high strength of solder joint, small shape and beautiful appearance. Fine wires, such as the wire legs on electronic boards, with gathered force and very short time when welding, beautiful shape and high strength after welding.

Convex welding nut, whether it is a four-corner bump, three-point bump or ring bump, the hard standard output of the device is very suitable, the charging voltage is maintained high, and the charging circuit is disconnected to alarm. Double over-voltage protection, the circuit ensures that the charging voltage does not exceed the preset safety standards to maintain the capacitor.


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