How to solve the error in the welding time of spot welding machine?

Spot welding machine welding time: when welding low carbon steel, you can use a strong standard welding method (instantaneous power) or weak standard welding method (long time power). Large-scale production should use the strong standard welding method, which can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce the deformation of the workpiece between the insulation resistance of not less than 2.5 megohms can be energized. Inspection and repair should be cut off the power supply before you can open the box to check.

It should be noted that if the newly purchased welder has quality problems with the main parts within half a month, it can be replaced with a new welder or main parts. The warranty period of the main machine of the welder is one year, and long-term maintenance service is provided. Normally, the service will be completed within nearly three to seven days after the user notifies the factory, depending on the distance.

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