The workpiece of the capacitor discharge welder should be handled like this

The capacitor discharge spot welder is operated by PLC microcomputer, which is easy to use and saves the time of adjusting the machine, the welding parameters are accurate and stable, a variety of welding requirements can be applied, the discharge time is accurate and controllable, the welding current is adjustable and the current output is stable.

The selection of high quality capacitors with stable capacity and increased usage time, especially the design of charging circuit and control system, makes charging faster and more stable, less probability of oxidation and deformation on the surface of welded joints, beautiful quality of welded joints, and eliminates the grinding process.


What should we do with the workpiece of the capacitor discharge welder?

1. The output and input are completely separated, and will not be affected by external power supply changes, maintaining a constant power output, widely used in a variety of multi-point projection welding and its conductivity, good thermal conductivity of metal welding, such as automotive filters, clutches and other welding.

2. The equipment should be cleaned well after use, which can be divided into mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. The former includes sandblasting, polishing, buffing, polishing, etc. The latter is commonly used for pickling or other chemicals, mainly dissolve and corrode the rust skin, oil, oxide film and dirt formed on the metal surface. These two cleaning methods are selected according to the welding data, supply, structure shape and size, production scale, production conditions and welding quality requirements.

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