What are the characteristics of capacitor discharge spot welder?

The capacitor discharge spot welder uses the industrial frequency alternating current to charge to the capacitor through the rectifier, and the capacity is gathered according to the instantaneous discharge of the capacitor. It is characterized by high current and short time. The heat generated by the parts during the welding process has not yet spread and the welding has been completed. Therefore, the surface trace of the workpiece is small, the product is beautiful, and it is suitable for workpieces with high surface requirements, because the welding time cannot be controlled, and it is not suitable for welding thicker workpieces.


Selecting constant current charging, eliminating current limiting resistors, reducing heat and saving power;

The circuit adopts microprocessor-controlled precision control circuit, which can ensure the accurate stability of fast discharge, guarantee the welding effect and perform charging fault detection;

Digitally regulated energy storage voltage-adjustable range 0-750 volts;

Precise digital circuitry to rise or fall from 1 volt, with a voltage regulation error of less than 0.5%;

Quick return design after welding, which can greatly improve the working capacity without affecting the welding effect;

Dual over-voltage protection circuits to ensure that the energy storage voltage does not exceed preset safety standards and to maintain the capacitors;

Simple push-button digital use control panel;

Operating at 38V ± 15%;

Specifications of each function key:

energy storage voltage (volts): 0-750V,

pre-pressure time (circumference): 0-99,

cooling time (circumference): 0-99, built-in preset pressurization time (can accelerate the cylinder in advance).


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