What are the main reasons for the wear and tear of welding electrodes when using the capacitor discharge spot welder?

The distance between electrodes and the intermediate degree should ensure that there is pressure when the electrodes are pressed. If the requirements cannot be met, adjustments must be made promptly, otherwise there is a risk of spattering or poor welding or crushing of the product. When adjusting the electrodes, do not allow hard objects such as hammers, and adjust them by tapping with a wooden hammer. After adjustment, tighten the fasteners to ensure that the electrode is stable and reliable.

There are three main reasons for the wear and tear of the welding electrode when using the energy storage spot welder as follows.

1. the choice of electrode material, according to the different changes in the welded products.

2. Water cooling effect, when welding, the fusion area will transfer a lot of heat to the electrode. Better water cooling effect can effectively reduce the temperature rise and deformation of the electrode, thus slowing down the wear of the electrode.

3. Electrode structure, while matching the workpiece, the design of the electrode should try to increase the diameter of the electrode and reduce the elongation length of the electrode, so as to reduce the temperature rise caused by the heat generated by the resistance of the electrode itself.


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