What are the process requirements for resistance spot welding machine?

Resistance spot welding machine is suitable for welding process of intensive production line operation. However, with the rapid development of manufacturing industry,resistance spot welding technology can obtain better welding quality. The following are the process requirements for resistance spot welding machines:

1. Welding time.

In the welding process, the welder can use strong standard welding method (instant power on) or weak standard welding method (long time power on). Large-scale production should use the strong standard welding method, which can improve production efficiency, reduce power consumption and reduce the deformation of the workpiece.

2.Welding current.

The welding current depends on the size of the welded part,thickness and contact surface. The higher the conductivity of the metal, the higher the electrode pressure and the shorter the welding time,the required current density also increases.

3.Electrode pressure.

The purpose of applying electrode pressure to the solder is to reduce the contact resistance of the solder joint and to ensure the required pressure for the formation of the joint.



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