What are the welding processes of the capacitor discharge welder?

Since the discharge time of the capacitor discharge welder cannot be adjusted, only pressure and current can be adjusted and controlled among the three elements of welding (pressure, current and time)! The capacitor discharge projection welder is mainly used for multi-point projection welding and ring projection welding. In this case, the control of welding pressure is especially critical.

First of all, the downward pressure speed of the cylinder should not be too fast, otherwise it will cause too much inertia and have a large impact on the bump. Before discharging, the bump is deformed and even collapses the hollow bump directly. Therefore, small pressure is needed to slowly compress the workpiece to wait for the discharge.

Again, the discharge time of the capacitor discharge welder is very short, and the middle and lower part of the bump does not have time to be completely heated and softened. If the pressure is not large enough, the welding pressure is not enough, which is shown by the gap between the two pieces after welding is oversized. Therefore, a larger pressure needs to be switched during discharge welding.

Finally, during the cylinder ramp-up phase, a suitable pressure is needed to ramp up quickly in order to improve the welding efficiency.


The main process adjustment of capacitor discharge welder
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