2022 ITES Shenzhen Industry Exhibition Is Dazzlingly Opened!

On August 15, 2022 ITES Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition and Alibaba 1688 Industrial Sourcing Festival (abbreviated as: ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition) was dazzlingly opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan).

As one of the mega industrial exhibitions in China, ITES Shenzhen is the "barometer" of the equipment manufacturing industry. This year's exhibition continues the platform value of high-quality industry innovation display and industry chain upstream and downstream connection, with "high-end machine tool equipment x automation technology application x precision parts processing" as the core exhibition content. Six thematic exhibitions are linked, vertically covering "metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, robotics and automation equipment, industrial parts, electronic intelligent manufacturing, cable industry". 1085 brand enterprises exhibited, injecting new energy and adding new vitality to the manufacturing industry that was looking forward to reuniting.

This year, ITES Shenzhen Industry Exhibition cooperates with Alibaba for the first time to discuss the new ecology of digital technology empowered manufacturing industry and promote and innovate the exhibition industry.

At present, the global industrial chain supply chain is facing reconstruction, international competition is more intense. In this context, the success of 2022ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition was given a special significance, to boost the manufacturing market plays a vital role. ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition will continue to build a platform, gather pioneers, help manufacturing enterprises in the crisis to nurture new opportunities, open a new situation in the change, foresee trends.

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