Press Release | Heron Technologies moves to new facility in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, United States, April. 21, 2024: Heron Technologies USA Inc. announced its relocation to a new facility in Park 100, Marion County, IN. This 6,145 SF facility will serve as the company’s new base for manufacturing, training and R&D testing of advanced metal joining technologies, including resistance welding, clinching, and flush self-pierce riveting.


The company premises in Park 100 Industrial Park will be used for the general office, showroom and AKH-Heron Solutions Lab for R&D collaboration, testing and training. It will also be used for rivet manufacturing, storage and inventory,  shipping and receiving, warehouse, assembly of machinery and equipment and other ancillary activities supporting customers in North America. AKH-Heron Technologies customers can expect little to no disruptions to ongoing projects or orders that are currently in-house. The new address is 7750 Zionsville Road, Suite 800, Indianapolis, IN 46268.


For further information please contact: 

  • Adam Blaikie, President, Heron Technologies USA (dba AKH-Heron Technologies), +1 317-809-6550 (USA), ablaikie@akhfas-ner.com
  • Kayla Martin, Office Manager, Heron Technologies USA (dba AKH-Heron Technologies), +1 317-243-5915 (USA), kmartin@akhfas-ner.com

Press Release | Heron & AKH to establish joint R&D center in the U.S.
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