2023 Wonderful New Departure: Focus On Digital Resistance Welding, Making Welding Easier!

2022, as a "metal connection intelligent solution provider", Heron is committed to "connecting the world", and we will walk through this extraordinary year together with you.

In the face of the new demand for resistance welding technology in the new era, Heron has been thinking about what kind of new face to join hands with you to start a beautiful new journey!

The answer is obvious, all the changes are around the mission.

We want to make welding easier! Let every customer enjoy the wonderful experience brought by the technical innovation of resistance welding.



"Making welding easier" is the goal we have been pursuing. We are constantly developing new processes, launching new products, manufacturing new automated production lines, and overturning traditions and updating iterations on the basis of the original.

Today, we have found a new path to "make welding easier" - digital resistance welding!

Over the years, the resistance welding industry for the exploration of new processes, adopted the "trial and error method", that is, the use of test pieces of continuous testing, continuous adjustment of parameters, and finally curing the output of a new process. However, this "trial and error method" is not only costly in terms of time and consumables, but also gives many industrialists a headache because the experience generated by this traditional method is very uncontrollable in terms of welding process and welding quality in the face of current fluctuations, pressure fluctuations, workpiece diversity and various complex environments, resulting in more undetected defective parts flow into the host factory.

In response to this pain point of the industry, Heron has devoted itself to research and development and launched the new 650 real-time quality monitoring system.



650 real-time quality monitoring system can collect and analyze real-time data of current, voltage, pressure, resistance and welding melt limit of welding process, and express resistance welding quality in digital form in real time, so as to improve the controllability of welding process and achieve "zero defect" fundamentally, and realize the significant reduction of welding cost. The 650 real-time quality monitoring system can be equipped with all products of Heron, which can realize the digitalization of the whole line.


2023, Heron will plow deep into the industry, continue to focus on digital resistance welding, as a "digital resistance welding solution provider", hand in hand with you, a beautiful new departure! Make welding easier!


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