Butt Welding Machine Introduction And Classification

Butt welders are also known as current welders or resistance butt welders. Using the resistance between the contact surfaces of the two workpieces, a low voltage and a large current are instantaneously passed through, so that the contact surfaces of the two butt-jointed metals are instantly heated to melt and fuse.

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Butt welding machine is divided into different welding methods: flash butt welding machine, steel butt welding machine, copper rod butt welding machine

Flash butt welding mainly uses the heat generated by the contact resistance of the workpiece to heat the workpiece, the metal surface is melted, the temperature gradient is large, and the heat affected zone is relatively small.

The welding seam forms a common grain under the condition of plastic deformation of the counterpart solid phase metal of the workpiece. The weld structure and composition are close to the base metal (or after heat treatment), and it is relatively easy to obtain equal-strength and equal-plastic welded joints.

The flashing process has the self-protection function of exhausting air and reducing metal oxidation. Upset forging can also drain oxides out of the weld with the liquid metal. Weld inclusions, incomplete penetration and other defects are less.

The flashing process has a strong self-adjustment function, and has low requirements for strictly maintaining the specification and consistency, and the welding quality is stable. Unit welding cross-sectional area requires small electric power, and only (0.1-0.3) KVA/mm2 electric power is required for welding low carbon steel.

The welding productivity is high, and it only takes a few seconds to tens of seconds to weld a joint.

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