Have Your Processes Kept Up The Wave Of New Energy Vehicles?(II)

The nut, known as the "rice of industry" reputation. The weight of a nut, about only 0.01kg, but the nut is small, but not to be underestimated. In the car assembly, the nut is the parts together with the parts will be interconnected into a combination of parts, and then the combination of various parts into a whole car one of the main contributors. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 2,000 nuts on the body of a car, and there are also a large number of nuts in various containers and tanks inside the car.


Heron shares with you a low energy consumption, low material consumption, high efficiency and high stability process that can solve the problem of nut projection welding - Medium Voltage Capacitor Discharge welding process.

The medium voltage capacitor discharge projection welding process uses three-phase AC power input to the energizing transformer, which charges the chargeable capacitor under the control of the welding controller, and after the charging is completed, the welding controller controls the disconnection of the external power grid, and finally the transformer outputs low voltage high current and discharges the workpiece for welding.

Advantage: Compared with other projection welding processes, medium-voltage capacitor discharge projection welding has outstanding advantages, which is determined by its current curve.

² Stable welding quality.

² Small heat-affected zone, low energy consumption and electrode loss, cost saving.

² Small requirements for the grid during use, greatly reducing kinetic energy supporting.

² Welding galvanized parts can be welded without damaging the galvanized layer in the non-welding area, without grinding and post-treatment.

² Capacitor discharge welding in the welding process is not affected by fluctuations in the power grid, especially in high-strength steel, hot-formed steel nuts and bolts convex welding when the quality is very stable.

Process effect: Compared with the traditional process, the medium-voltage capacitor discharge projection welding process not only has outstanding cost reduction effect in energy consumption and material consumption, but also has obvious advantages in the appearance of welded parts.


At present, Heron has also developed a series of products for the practical application of medium-voltage capacitor discharge projection welding process. For further product information and process details, please contact us for communication!


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