Heron——the Little Giant Named By The Media

"In 2022, the order will reach more than 300 million yuan, and 30% growth in output value; it is the first batch of Guangzhou invisible champion enterprise, with total investment of 180 million yuan." The above is the article published in "Guangzhou Conghua Release" after the visit to Heron by the team from Guangzhou Conghua District Media Center on September 7, which is exactly the development situation of Heron now.

What makes Heron, the "Little Giant" named specifically, able to occupy a seat in the official media's external publicity channel? The answer is that for more than 30 years, Heron has been walking on the hard and right road!

Guangzhou Heron Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of metal joining intelligent equipment, was established in 1997 in Conghua, Guangzhou. Since its development, it has grown into a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing based on welding and riveting technology. Heron now has more than 300 employees and a factory floor area of 54,000 square meters, with industry-leading independent research and development of core technologies and strong manufacturing and machining capabilities for controllers, transformers and other products.

Heron stands at the forefront of the industry and keeps inventing new technologies, and now has a total of 92 authorized patents, including 28 invention patents. Heron has the international first-class MFDC and medium-voltage capacitor storage energy resistance welding technology, and has developed a full range of resistance welding products: manual and robotic welding guns, fixed spot and projection welding machine, resistance seam welder, resistance butt welder, capacitor storage energy explosion welding machine and other first-class equipment in the industry, and also developed rivetless riveting and flush self-piercing riveting series equipment.


Quality assurance is the basis for the survival and development of Heron for more than 30 years. Heron has built a complete enterprise and quality management system, and now has ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification; obtained CQC product certification, and passed the product export CE certification of the European Union, to provide customers with high quality products.

Focusing on the industry for more than 30 years, Heron's high-quality products are sold to 17 countries and regions around the world, and are widely used in seven industries, such as automobile, auto parts, refrigeration compressor, low voltage electrical appliances, home appliances, hardware, etc. We have designed and manufactured automatic and intelligent production lines for each industry. Upholding the concept of "courage to explore, innovate continuously and create value for customers", Heron has served more than 6000 customers and won the praise of customers.

Heron——the Little Giant Named By The Media 2

Heron, the expert in resistance welding and riveting industry, is committed to providing customers with expert solutions for metal joining and building an international famous brand! In the future, Heron will also continue to keep the original intention, constantly research new technology, create new equipment, and continuously inject new vitality into the welding industry!

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