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On February 1, Conghua District held a high quality development conference and sounded a clarion call for progress. As one of the main forces to promote the high-quality development of Conghua, Heron participated in the meeting as the representative of enterprises. At the meeting, Mr. Zou Chunya, the chairman of Heron, proposed to strengthen the cooperation between government and enterprises to help the high-quality development of the intelligent equipment manufacturing industry in Conghua!


Heron is an intelligent equipment company developed by advanced welding technology and process, focusing on the industry for 32 years, and the technology has reached the international leading level in the industry.

At present, the rise of new energy vehicles and the application of new materials for bodywork have brought the demand for new processes, and Heron's equipment and automated production lines have continuously replaced imports in specialized fields; it has continuously invented new resistance welding processes to replace traditional brazing and arc welding processes, providing new ideas for energy saving and emission reduction.


In the new era of intelligent manufacturing, for equipment manufacturing enterprises, high-quality development has become an important trend of irreversible transformation construction. Promote the high quality development of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry in Conghua, improve the infrastructure support, strengthen the cooperation between government and enterprises, and fully utilize the policy is especially important. It is suggested that the government continue to give attention to support, improve the infrastructure support construction, reduce the cost of enterprises, focus on understanding the needs of enterprises, solve problems in a timely manner, so as to attract more enterprises to settle in Conghua, pull the economic growth. At the same time, the government platform should be effectively used to assist enterprises to open the key nodes of the industrial chain, create a social environment that respects entrepreneurs and boosts their confidence in development, so that the competitiveness of key enterprises in the key industrial chain can be effectively improved in terms of quality and reasonably increased in terms of quantity. In addition, explore the policy support system to promote the high-quality development of key enterprises in key industrial chains, so that enterprises can accumulate development power, create a broader development space for the stock of high-quality enterprises, and push the development of high-quality enterprises in the region to a new stage of development.

The field of intelligent manufacturing has a broad development space and latent advantages. In the new year, Heron will continue to increase investment in research and development, improve process level, improve product quality, especially in the new energy equipment segment to continue to make efforts to help the high-quality development of the economy of Conghua.

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