Heron Express | The First Batch of 45 Key "Industry 4.0" Platforms in Guangzhou, Heron is on the List

On February 21, 2023, the Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the first batch of Guangzhou's Key "Industry 4.0" platforms for empowerment, which included the selection of 45 companies.



Industry 4.0 refers to the development of digitization, networking, intelligence and greening. In January 2022, the Leading Group of Guangzhou City for the Construction of Strong City for Advanced Manufacturing Industry issued - Several Measures for Guangzhou City to Implement the Spirit of the 20th Party Congress and Carry out Special Actions of the Industry 4.0 Platforms to Empower the Construction of New Industrialization,which proposed to coordinate the planning and promote the work of the Industry 4.0 platforms to empower enterprises to upgrade, so as to achieve the goal of - excellent platforms, good enterprises and strong industries, and put forward ten empowering actions such as the transformation and upgrading actions of manufacturing industry, empowering industrial internet and leading actions. According to the platform's empowerment direction, it includes common basic services, intelligent manufacturing services, industrial Internet, industrial e-commerce, energy resource management, green manufacturing services, etc.

For key platforms, the Guangzhou Municipal Government will use financial funds, guiding funds and other funds to focus on tilted support, including support for platform capacity building, subsidies at no more than 30% of the project input costs, up to 10 million RMB and other subsidies.

Among the 45 key platforms in the list of Industry 4.0 key platforms, there are 11 basic platforms, 30 service-oriented platforms and 4 innovative platforms. And Heron is listed as an innovative platform among the key platforms with the - Metal Connection Process and Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Development Platform.news-1266-953

As a Provincial "Small Giant" Enterprise, Heron Intelligent has been working in the resistance welding industry for a long time, constantly researching and innovating to bring new products and technologies to the industry and customers! Heron has the confidence and ability to help enterprises in the resistance welding industry to achieve high-quality and refined development with the help of the government and the support of the customer base.

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