Storage Water Heater - How Important Is Welding

Generally we are common, with a hanging or vertical barrel heating, storage of hot water, are storage water heaters. When the water heater is successfully connected to the water supply pipe, cold water enters the bottom of the storage bucket by pressure and is heated through the heating tube inside the bucket. After the cold water is heated, it becomes lighter and floats in the upper part of the bucket. At this point, if you open the faucet or shower, new cold water will pour into the bucket due to atmospheric pressure, topping out the hot water stored above.

The whole set of heating process, all occurring in the storage bucket this "place". The body of the water storage barrel, no doubt, plays a vital role. And one of the most critical process, it is not welding. At present, there is no technology to make the entire steel barrel body in one go, must be built in sections, and then connected together.

Since the need to connect the different components, it is conceivable that if the use of a long time, these connections are the most vulnerable to damage. According to statistics, the use of water heaters, almost 99% of the leakage phenomenon are the first to start from the welding. Therefore, this is very strict requirements for the welding process.


The main components of the water storage tank - barrel

At present, the water heater industry is commonly used in the arc welding process, that is, the use of arc exothermic principle, so that the current through the air generated by the instantaneous sparks to complete the welding. Although the arc welding is widely used, there are still some drawbacks. The main point is the energy consumption, a large amount of heat energy will be lost to the air through sparks and spatter, resulting in unnecessary energy waste and pollution.


Heron resistance welding equipment-Welding water heater barrel

In order to solve the shortage of welding in the industry, Heron overturned the industry's previous welding method by using resistance welding, rather than arc welding technology to achieve the connection. With resistance welding equipment, heat is applied directly to the workpiece to achieve fusion welding, allowing efficient use of energy.

As a domestic brand, Heron has provided products and services for many domestic electric water heaters. At the same time, "based on China, facing the world" has always been the brand positioning of Heron. Not only domestic, Heron also cooperates closely with many overseas water heater enterprises.

Equipment across the ocean, Heron brings the MADE IN CHINA of industrial machinery to all corners of the world, in order to let more people see the craftsmanship and strength of a big manufacturing country.


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