The 30th Guangzhou Fair Came To A Successful End !

The 30th Guangzhou Fair came to a successful end on August 29, this year's Guangzhou Fair lasted 4 days, carried out a series of political exchanges, summit forums, product exhibitions, skills competitions, high-tech display and other important activities for the regions and enterprises to enhance communication, discuss cooperation opportunities, promote industrial development to provide an important stage.

Although affected by the epidemic and other factors, this year's Guangzhou Fair is still full of businessmen and visitors with high enthusiasm. The exhibition set up a total of 8 comprehensive, professional and special exhibitions, carrying out 3,900 booths, attracting a total of 1,520 exhibitors, including about 50 listed enterprises and top 500 enterprises, organizing nearly 20 economic and trade exchange activities, with a total of more than 54,000 visitors, signing 139 cooperation projects with a total amount of 11.796 billion yuan. Further promote the upgrading of the industry, high-quality development of the industry, to better serve the needs of the people's better life.


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