Visit Enterprises And Promote Employment-Special Activity

Recently, Vice President of South China Agricultural University, Mr. Deng Yiqun, led a group of leaders from the College of Engineering to our company to carry out the special activity of "visiting enterprises and promoting employment". Mr. Zou Chunya, Mr. Zou Chunhua and Mr. Zou Chunbao, Mr. Kong Xiangyu and other managers of the company attended this activity.


Mr. Zou Chunya, personally led the school leaders to introduce the development history, core products and related industry applications of Guangzhou Heron Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. Afterwards, the school leaders were led to visit the company's R&D/technology center, laboratory and production workshop to understand the process of product design, experimental verification and manufacturing realization on the ground.

The school leaders showed great interest in the wide application of the company's products in the industry, praised the key core technology that our company has, and affirmed our spirit of deep plowing in the industry. During the process, the chairman sent out a request that the school should teach and educate students while cultivating their patriotic feelings and aspire to build international brand products and strive for them.

The chairman said, our company as an industry leader in the field of metal connection, focus on resistance welding, rivetless riveting, plane self-punching riveting and automatic production line equipment development, production, with the company's continuous development, the construction of high-tech talent team is crucial; for this reason, the company has a plan to expand the school-enterprise cooperation channels, South China Agricultural University as the company's key school-enterprise cooperation objects, the company expects in practice Cultivate applied high-tech talents, promote the common progress of school, enterprise and society, while improving the quality of teaching and scientific research. In order to achieve this goal, the company will continue to solidly promote the work of "in-depth cooperation in the field of industry-academia-research" between schools and enterprises, and gradually implement cooperation projects.

Representatives of the company's working alumni also spoke enthusiastically, sharing their theoretical knowledge learning, participation in project competitions and the importance of practical hands-on skills during their school years.


In a cordial atmosphere, the two sides reached a high agreement on the future cooperation direction through pleasant communication and exchange, and drew up a preliminary cooperation agreement.

We believe that through the in-depth cooperation with South China Agricultural University, we can help Heron to take off further development.



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