Annual Summary of 2022: Strive for Advancement and Progress

The year 2022 was a year full of challenges, the continuation of the COVID-19, the deteriorating international economic environment, soaring prices and supply chain disruptions brought severe challenges to the operation of many enterprises. In such an environment, Heron grew against the trend, benefiting from the development of new energy industry and the company's many years of product precipitation, the company's sales exceeded 300 million for the first time in 2022.

In this year, Heron upholds the concept of creating value for customers, and strives for advancement and progress. In the new year, Heron will join hands with you to go on a new journey again!


In 2022, Heron's sales exceeded 300 million for the first time, an increase of 51.21% compared with 2021. In the new year, Heron will continue to forge ahead, invest more in technological innovation, quality control and product iteration, continuously develop new technologies in the industry and solve process problems for customers!



In 2022, Heron continued to be the "old bull" in the field of resistance welding, adhere to the manufacturing of craftsmanship, adhere to the road of specialization , and its many products have been awarded the "Guangdong High-tech Famous Products "Honor!

In this year, Heron once again won the high affirmation of customers at home and abroad by virtue of craftsmanship manufacturing and devotion service!

Certificate of Honor From BYD


In 2022, Heron continues to uphold the concept of "courageous exploration, continuous innovation, and creating value for customers", continuously innovating the industry process and creating new products in the industry. 2022, Heron invested heavily in digital quality control in real time, and developed new products such as 650 quality inspection system 1.0 and FSPR rivet gun.

At the same time, Heron carries out process innovation for the technical difficulties and pain points of different customers. In the field of automobile manufacturing, the resistance welding technology is introduced into the gear hub welding of automobile engine transmission system, replacing laser welding and electron beam welding, with more perfect welding effect, lower comprehensive cost and higher production efficiency; in the field of compressor, the upper and lower casing production line of air conditioner compressor is innovated, replacing the traditional energy-consuming and highly polluting arc welding technology; in the field of low-voltage electrical, the steel belt cam platform is developed, helping the low-voltage electrical micro-break switch In the field of low-voltage electrical, we have developed the steel belt cam platform, which helps the manufacturing of low-voltage electrical micro-break switches to be efficient and automatic.


This year's hard work has also earned us the distinction of being one of the top 10 "leaders" in science and technology innovation in Guangzhou.

The top 10 "leaders" in science and technology innovation in Guangzhou


In the year of 2022, Heron focused on the construction of talent team, and successfully implemented the enterprise skill level certification and carries out the training of new apprenticeship system; Heron focused on the construction of production capacity, and the single product of robot welding gun can produce 10,000 units per year. In the year of 2022, Heron was on the list of top 100 enterprises to be listed in Guangzhou!

The top 100 enterprises to be listed in Guangzhou


2022 has passed quietly, thanks for the good company of this year!


In 2023, Heron will continue to adhere to the original heart of science and technology innovation, forge ahead, work with you, and start a new journey!

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