Robotic welding pliers for automotive body-in-white

Project Background:

1. The welding quality of nuts and bolts was unstable and the product defect rate was high.

2. The original process uses AC welding technology, which is energy-consuming and requires secondary treatment of wire return.

3. The original production line used imported brands, equipment procurement costs are high.



1. Apply medium frequency DC resistance welding process to replace the original process, improve the stability of welding quality, reduce energy consumption and save costs;

2. Reduce the secondary processing procedures, improve production efficiency;

3. Significantly reduce the welding heat-affected zone, the appearance of the finished product is more beautiful welding;

4. The welding quality of the products is comparable to imported famous brands, and the cost is reduced significantly.

Robotic welding pliers for automotive body-in-white 1
Robotic welding pliers for automotive body-in-white 2

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