Robotic welding pliers for automotive body in white

Project Background:

1. The customer originally used AC resistance welding, the welding joints are easy to rust after welding, which makes the life of the hanging plate short;

2. Welding consumables are required and the labour cost is high.



1. Apply Tog-L-LOG technology to replace the original resistance welding technology, which fundamentally solves the problem of rusting of pendant and prolongs the service life of finished manufacturing products;

2. Joint vision system company, to create an integrated workstation, to achieve automatic material pickup and feeding, the whole automation, reduce manpower costs;

3. Reduce the cost of non-essential welding materials;

4. Improve production efficiency, riveting is completed at once, and can simultaneously can rivet 2 finished products.

Robotic welding pliers for automotive body in white 1
Robotic welding pliers for automotive body in white 2

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