Advantages of welding clamps in resistance welding equipment

An introduction to the advantages of welding clamps in resistance welding equipment. Suspension spot welding machines, referred to as suspension welders, are one type of resistance welding spot welding. Resistance welding is a process in which workpieces are matched and pressure is applied by electrodes, using current to pass through the contact surfaces of the joints and The resistance heat generated in the adjacent area carries out the welding process.

1. Compact structure

The structure is compact, easy to maintain, and small in size, which further reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves energy consumption to a great extent.

2. Improve work efficiency

The gas line system of the suspended spot welding machine has a large diameter and is equipped with imported pneumatic components, which makes the welding clamp move quickly and improves production efficiency.

3. Short heating time

When welding, the heating time is short, the heat is concentrated, there is no arc, no spark spatter, no welding slag, no welding accumulation, and no thermal deformation of the weldment.

4. Cost savings

The welding process is simple, does not require filling materials and solvents, and does not require protective gas, so the cost is low

Advantages of welding clamps in resistance welding equipment

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