Application range of butt welding machine

Butt welding machines have high productivity and are easy to automate, so they are widely used. Their application scope can be summarized as follows:

1. Extension of workpieces, such as butt welding of strips, profiles, wires, steel bars, rails, boiler steel pipes, oil and natural gas transmission pipelines, etc.

2. Butt welding of ring-shaped workpieces, such as butt welding of car rims and bicycle and motorcycle rims, butt welding of various chain links, etc.

3. Assembling and welding of components: Butt welding simple rolled, forged, stamped or machined parts into complex parts to reduce costs. For example, butt welding of automobile directional axle housings and rear axle housings, and the welding of various connecting rods and tie rods. Butt welding, and butt welding of special parts, etc.

4. Butt welding of dissimilar metals can save precious metals and improve product performance. For example, butt welding of the working part (high-speed steel) and the tail (medium carbon steel) of a tool, and the head (heat-resistant steel) and tail of an internal combustion engine exhaust valve Butt welding of (structural steel), butt welding of aluminum-copper conductive joints, etc.

Application range of butt welding machine

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