In what industries can resistance welding equipment be used?

In what industries can resistance welding equipment be used? Resistance welding equipment can weld most non-ferrous metals, such as thin workpieces made of steel, iron, copper, aluminum, gold and silver. It is widely used in industries such as hardware, electrical appliances, automobiles, low-voltage electrical appliances and electronics.

The body of the medium frequency spot welding machine is a thick plate box-shaped structure, and the machine head is made of cast iron alloy, ensuring that the welding machine has sufficient stiffness and impact resistance. Coupled with the excellent pressure transmission device, the electrode positioning during the welding process is precise and the slippage is very small. Small, ensuring smooth pressurization, especially suitable for high solder joint quality standards and multi-point welding requirements.

It adopts a closed-loop control method; the main reason is that the response time reaches 4000kpps, that is, when the resolution is 1m, the speed can reach 240 meters/minute. The system hardware is highly integrated, which reduces the equipment failure rate to a very low level and greatly improves reliability.

The application of medium frequency spot welding machine in the field of bolt spot welding is very common. It can not only ensure the welding strength, but also ensure the welding appearance of nuts and bolts. It is undoubtedly the preferred equipment for nut welding.

In what industries can resistance welding equipment be used?

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