What should I do if there is a problem with resistance welding equipment?

What should I do if there are problems with resistance welding equipment? If there is no penetration, it may be because the interface temperature at the top is low, the upset is too small, the forging pressure and speed are low, and there are too many metal inclusions. Yes, the application is moderate. Butt welding process parameters. Among them are welding misalignment, white spots, etc.

Welding misalignment: The reason may be that the welding parts are not aligned or tilted, the temperature of the welding parts is too high, and the discharge length is too large. The welding stiffness is relatively small. The main avoidance measures are to improve the rigidity of the equipment, reduce the extension length and the appropriateness of upsetting. Limitation, the error range of dislocation is usually below 0.1mm or 0.5mm thickness.

White spots appear: unique defects on the weld show radial gray spots on the cross section. Such defects are very thin and are not easy to grind in gold. It is not difficult to find in electron microscopy studies that white is more sensitive to cold bending, but for Tensile strength has extremely low impact and can be used for quick, all-around action to clear

What should I do if there is a problem with resistance welding equipment?

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