What should you pay attention to when operating a spot welder?

Nowadays, many industrial industries need to use spot welding machines. However, if we do not understand the precautions when operating spot welding machines, it will definitely cause us some troubles. In order to avoid these unnecessary troubles, let us understand the operating points together. What should you pay attention to when welding a machine?

1. Before starting the operation, you must make various checks, such as whether some fasteners and connectors are loose, whether the power connection is intact, etc. In order to avoid accidents in the subsequent work, these must be checked. .

2. Operators must have received professional training and obtained corresponding certificates. They must understand the various operations, performance, structure, etc. of the spot welding machine, and operate in accordance with the regulations.

3. Not only the connected power supply but also the control box, etc., these components must be close to the solid ground and cannot be suspended above.

4. When working, do not keep flammable and explosive items nearby. These are very dangerous. The place where the equipment is placed should be clean and dry.

What should you pay attention to when operating a spot welder?

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