How to Maintain the Welding Gun

Every enterprise or individual engaged in welding work hopes to give full play to the performance of the equipment and extend the service life of the machine. To achieve this purpose, in addition to using the welding equipment correctly according to the operating procedures, regular maintenance and repair work is also important. The following are the main points of maintenance of the welding gun.

How to Maintain the Welding Gun 1

1. Regular inspect and replace of the contact tip

Due to wear and tear, the hole diameter of the contact tip becomes larger, will cause arc instability, weld appearance deterioration or sticky wire (back burning); contact tip end sticky spatter and wire feeding will become uneven; the contact tip screwed tight, the threaded joints will heat up and weld dead.


2. Clean and replace the spring hose regularly

After a long time of use, the spring hose will accumulate a lot of iron powder, dust, plating chips of welding wire, etc., which will make the wire feeding unstable. So it is very important to clean it regularly, you can curl it and tap it gently to shake off the accumulation, and then blow it off with compressed air. The grease on the hose should be scrubbed with a brush in oil and then blown off with compressed air. Replace the spring hose with a new one if it is miswired or badly deformed and bent. When replacing the hose, make sure it is suitable for the diameter and length of the wire used, and there should be no burrs on the cut surface.


3. Inspection of insulation ferrule

If the insulating ferrule is removed for welding, the spatter will adhere to the inside of the tip and cause the tip to conduct to the energized portion. The welding gun may burn out due to a short circuit. Also, in order to make the protective gas flow out evenly, an insulating ferrule must be installed.

How to Maintain the Robotic Welding Gun
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